Want to read how a local horticulturalist is growing Saskatoon’s own microgreens? Meet Richard Jelsma of Grassland Greens!

I’m delighted to be able to share with you, more of the fruit of my labour from the first wave of our Covid days. As I’ve earlier mentioned in this blog, over the past nine months, I’ve been part of a team of creative entrepreneurs to commemorate 2020 as the 30th anniversary of  Praxis’ School of Entrepreneurship’s startSMART program.

As an alumna of the program from 2018-19 and occasional facilitator of the program’s business communication modules, I know how powerful startSMART is,  in teaching entrepreneurs the skills we need to succeed.

Today, I’m delighted to post the link to the second of my interviews, featuring the wonderful Netherland-Canadian horticulturalist, Richard Jelsma. Through his startSMART training, Richard is propagating highly nutritious and delicious microgreens in his home-based laboratory, for customers in Saskatoon and area.  His diverse life and mission-based philosophy of service to the community will inspire you to keep fighting in these pandemic days.


Praxis Alum and Horticulturalist Richard Jelsma