Want to read about Saskatoon’s best podologist? (And what is that?) Meet Cheri McPhillamey of Soul to Sole Consulting!

Today’s posting is the final one in a series of articles (extended blog postings) that I authored during the first wave of the Covid Pandemic. As I earlier mentioned in this very blog, during the past year I have participated in a team of creative entrepreneurs to commemorate something good about 2020! In particular, we’ve been observing the 30th anniversary of the Praxis School of Entrepreneurship’s startSMART program.

As an alumna of the program from 2018-19 and occasional facilitator of its  business communication modules, I know how powerful startSMART is, in teaching entrepreneurs the skills we need to succeed.

So I’m delighted to post the link to the fourth of my interviews, featuring the wonderful podologist (foot specialist) Cheri McPhillamey. Cheri has trained internationally and specialized in caring for the feet of a wide variety of clients, ranging from Hollywood A-listers, to, now, seniors in Saskatoon and area.  Read about her fascinating entrepreneurial journey, in this week’s blog posting.


Praxis Alum and Podologist Chéri McPhillamey