TEFL.org’s teacher and podcaster, Carl Cameron-Day, on his career teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language

These days, any fledgling teacher in English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL) seeks online options for training and professional development. During earlier days of the Covid-19 pandemic, online learning was the only way students of all ages and homelands were able to learn anything.

On both scores, a great resource is TEFL.org, whose flagship 120 hour ESL/EFL training program (all done online) provides any wannabe teacher with the fundamentals of grammar, style, lesson planning, teaching methods and more that one needs to succeed.

I was part way through my 120 hour certificate in 2020 when  I noticed that TEFL.org was sharing wonderful professional development for anyone visiting their website and their webinars on YouTube and Facebook.  The webinars (which are open to anyone) have been hosted by Northern Ireland-based EFL/ESL expert, Carl Cameron-Day. I’ve tuned in most Fridays since, live at 4:00 pm (UK time), to listen to Carl’s teachings and–even better– his advice during the Q&A that follows.

I’ve appreciated Carl’s down-to-earth manner, pleasant accent (Welsh), mischievous (often tongue-in-cheek) sense of humour and (most importantly) insights in the field of English as a second or foreign language.

I’ve also been delighted to find TEFL.org’s podcast, “I Taught English Abroad,”  featuring a variety of TEFL.org owners, administrators, trainers and more, who share aspects of their English teaching lives, which have spanned the globe.

Wanderlust can be a major driver for newbie EFL/ESL teachers. Now that I’m middle-aged, I’m no longer bitten by the “travel-bug” to backpack through Europe, Asia or elsewhere. But I still appreciate hearing about other EFL/ESL teachers’ experiences–whether based in their countries of origin (not always English speaking nations), or in the travel they do as nomadic teachers.

This week, I smiled to read that Carl himself would be interviewed for TEFL.org’s “I Taught English Abroad” podcast series. Here’s  the marketing promo: “Carl’s ruthless academic determination and wanderlust have seen him teach in some of the less-heralded but most eye-catching locales in the world, including Iraq, Azerbajan, plenty of East Asia and now, from the comfort of his home office [near Belfast].”

Are you or someone you know interested in teaching EFL/ESL, especially while travelling the world? Or do you simply love to hear great stories?

If so, you won’t want to miss this episode (available on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify)!

Take a listen!  . . .  https://tinyurl.com/528frek6