Here are some B2B stories I have helped clients to tell, reproduced with their kind permission.

Commemorating  Entrepreneurial Endeavours:

In recognition of the recent 30th anniversary of its flagship entrepreneurial training program, startSMART, the Praxis School of Entrepreneurship (more specifically, its Chief Visionary Officer, Monica Kreuger) commissioned me to share “success stories”  of four of its alumni.  Ranging from newbie to experienced, these graduates–podologist Cheri McPhillamey, culinary specialists, Joscelyn Armstrong and Ebtsam Elsheikh, and horticulturalist Richard Jelsma–wowed me with their stories of tenacity and perseverance (please read at bottom of this link).

A Colourful Keynote on Canadian Cookbooks (Janet Podleski):

Organizers of the Raj Manek Mentorship Program asked me to write a precis of the keynote speaker of the 24th Annual Raj Manek Memorial Banquet, for the program’s newsletter, “Mentorship Tribute.” At the event, Ontarian Janet Podleski entertained the audience with her story of bestselling cookbooks and rags-to-riches stardom (please read here).

A Potent Plenary on Global Food Security:

Saskatchewan’s catalyst for businesses in the biological sciences, Ag-West Bio, recently co-sponsored an international conference in Saskatoon, addressing “Emerging Technologies for Global Food Security.”  I prepared a precis for one of the conference’s plenary lectures, given by University of Exeter (UK) plant biologist, Professor Sarah Gurr, which discussed the very real and urgent threat fungi poses to world agriculture. The precis was published in Ag-West Bio’s electronic newsletter, Bio-Bulletin (please read here).

A Ghostwritten Column to Gain Greater Food Safety:

A confidential client in the food safety industry asked me to write this column for a CEO’s opinion piece in an online business publication. After reading about a recent food scandal at a US-based fast food restaurant, I penned this industry critique (please read here).

 An Appealing Article for Ag-West Bio:

Saskatchewan’s catalyst for businesses in the biological sciences. Ag-West Bio, commissioned me to write a story on the burgeoning berry industry in the province. After interviewing the head of the university’s Fruit Breeding Program, Dr. Bob Bors, and local berry investor and entrepreneur, Ms. Betty Forbes, I wrote this article for Ag-West’s popular e-newsletter, “Bio-Bulletin” (please read here).

Chronicling a Keynote on People in IT (Dr. Steven Woods, Google Canada):

Organizers of the Raj Manek Mentorship Program asked me to chronicle the keynote of its 21st Annual Raj Manek Memorial Banquet.  Born in Saskatchewan, Computer Scientist Dr. Steven Woods has become the Senior Engineering Director of Google Canada and stresses the importance of people in the industry (please read here).

A California Winery Asks for a Lead for their New Blog:

A California-based winery, founded by a Canadian colleague, recently asked me to pen the lead for a blog posting. This was my suggestion for a comic, story-rich lead  (please read here).

Two Riveting Brochures for the Saskatoon Health Region:

The Mental Health and Addictions Services of the Saskatoon Health Region recently identified a challenge of promoting a government-sponsored  investment program for clients with medical disabilities–the Registered Disability Savings’ Plan (RDSP). Since much of the online information available is lengthy and complex, I prepared two documents to convey the essential details in the brief and clear format of brochures–one for treatment providers (please read here) and one for their clients (please read here).

A Timely Press-Release for the Canadian Information Processing Society:

Canada’s Information Processing Society (CIPS, known as Canada’s Association for IT Professionals) noted recently that the country’s international IT competitiveness ranking had fallen. Their marketing director began a discussion over social media on how to recover from that fall, that included the public and CIPS’ members. He recruited me to write a press-release based on that discussion, that would reflect the diversity of opinion and the complex issues faced by the association and its members (please read here).

A Convincing Case Study for the University of Saskatchewan:

The Industry Liaison Office of the University of Saskatchewan annually co-sponsors an  Award of Excellence (worth $10 K) to promote original research that bears social and economic significance to contemporary society. Of the four case-studies which I wrote on the year’s nominees, my profile on “College Mobile,” a local business in mobile technology, which began partly through a course of the university’s Computer Science Department, won out (please read here).

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