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Using storytelling, the e-newsletters that I craft emotionally and persuasively connect with your readers, compelling them to believe and act on your offer. Such newsletters ask and answer questions, continue conversations, explain benefits and ultimately express powerful offers and calls-to-action.

As a disciple of North American B2B copywriters Steve Slaunwhite and Michael Katz, and with my own background in English literature, I am uniquely qualified to write your entrepreneurial stories.

In short, I craft fresh stories that promote your business or organization: Let me tell your story.

I have written, edited and produced monthly e-newsletters for the Toronto chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) and, over more than 10 years, a monthly professional newsletter that tells stories of entrepreneurial language, creativity, and well-being.

"Elizabeth did an amazing job for me with a couple of [brochure] assignments. I recommend her highly."
Dave Hagel
CEO, High Performance Human Resources

Storytelling connects people through common failures or flaws. Other writers miss that by using feel-good, hypothetical yarns or templated stories that do not resonate with readers.

What do you (and your clients) most want?

The energy to live comes from everything that we endure in the cultures (e.g. languages) in which we live. As we struggle against life’s inevitable losses, we’re forced to live more deeply and fully: our stories become more complex and more convincing.

A story that embraces such depth will command your clients’ interest, energy and purchasing power.

Think about the emotion you most want to appeal to: I’ll create the copy that best elicits it from your reader.

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I specialize in electronic newsletter writing and production.

e-Newsletters, as North American expert Michael Katz writes, are very much alive as a form of storytelling, especially for firms that provide professional services. Approximately 25 to 30% of recipients will open a good e-newsletter, sent to a house list. That averages from 5 to 10% better than newspaper ads, direct mail or cold-calling.

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