More Proof that B2B Email Marketing Works . . .

A blog posting of B2B Marketing expert Louis Foong further confirms the potential power that I continue to find in e-mail and e-newsletter (or “email newsletter”) writing and marketing.  For B2B clients and campaigns, the stats are impressive, even if we communications’ types in Canada are wading through new legal anti-spam regulations!

Foong cites the US site “Position” as indicating that the ROI from B2B email marketing (in the US) is 127%! And a full 55% of B2B businesses last winter expected to increase their annual expenditure on email. True, these aren’t Canadian statistics, but they bear relevance, just the same, to “marcom” work in our country.

“Position” further reports that the key purposes of B2B email use is for customer retention (77%) and high quality lead generation (40%). The ROI for email marketing is about $44.25, per $1 spent!

Email marketing is a huge producer of intelligent, fact-based, content-marketing (so lately the thrust of marketing), and increasingly, content is going mobile.

Foong reports that for marketing and communications’ experts, mobile formats aren’t entirely positive: for instance, 80% of email users delete emails that don’t appear well on a mobile device. No second chance for that message, if it isn’t mobile-friendly. And a lot of companies currently have been missing out on their ROI, because they don’t consider mobile formatting.

When US companies implement responsive design to email campaigns, Foong reports that click-through rates fall between 21 and 25% — a convincing response.

So, closer to home: what is your company or organization doing to tap into B2B email marketing? Have you outsourced your newsletter production and related strategies to specialists like me? And what use are you making of a mobile platform (Apple? Samsung?)

Please share your observations and strategies with me. I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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